Painting Red Orchids


Eileen Chong’s third collection of poetry, published in 2016 by Pitt Street Poetry.


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Painting Red Orchids, a collection of 50 poems, establishes Eileen Chong as a serious lyric poet on the Australian and international literary scene. The poems negotiate a personal history of trauma and loss, mourning the painful end of a marriage. Yet there is hope, healing and love on the horizon. The book was shortlisted for the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards 2017.

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What poets say:

“Eileen Chong’s third collection is language dressed in its Sunday best. Words are pressed and presented with perfection. There’s an effortless simplicity matched with deep sophistication and timeless style. Eileen Chong ventures deep into both ancient and modern history… Chong’s work is unpretentious yet every subject is exquisitely executed. Each piece in this book demonstrates immense skill and poetic confidence. Overall, a riveting read.” – Judges’ report, Victorian Premier’s Literary Award 2017